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Project Description
This is a content injection module, written by Will Strohl. Its purpose is to allow you to inject markup into the header or footer of the page.

GitHub Notice

The source code and issues for this project are now being managed on GitHub.

Will Strohl's Content Injection Module

This module is meant to make it easy for DNN hosts and admins to add HTML markup into a DotNetNuke website, either in the header, or the footer of the page. This module can easily be used on a single page, or across an entire portal. Examples of how this might benefit you are:
  • jQuery script
  • Google Analytics script
  • Quantcast script
  • HTML comments / snippets
  • Inline JavaScript snippets
  • 3rd party widgets (non-DNN)
  • Advertising snippets
  • and whatever else you figure out to do...

Minimum System Requirements

DotNetNuke version: 06.00.00 and up
SQL Server version: 2005 and up
.Net Framework version: 3.5 SP1

*Since DNN 5.x includes the widgets feature, this module is no longer needed in many DNN 5 sites.

Example Usage

Step One: Install the Module

Do this like you would for any other module

Step Two: Drop the Module onto a Page

Do this like you would for any other module. Be sure to set the appropriate Edit permissions on the module to allow the intended people to add and manage the injection items. You DO NOT need to change the container for the module. The module will do this for you, when not in Edit mode, and while your visitors visit the page(s).

Step Three: Add an Injection Item

Use the Actions menu, or the "Manage this Module" link to add an injection item. Specify whether you want it to be injected into the footer or the header the rendered DNN page. (Repeat this step as necessary to add more injections.)

View the Page

No matter which mode you're in, this module will inject the HTML markup into your DNN page.

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